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Application Timeline for Autumn 2024 Enrollment

  • August 17, 2023: MPH application opening date for SOPHAS and UW Graduate School Application
  • September 1, 2023: MS and PhD application opening date for UW Graduate School Application 
  • January 19, 2024: Application deadline
    • UW Graduate School Application must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. PT
    • SOPHAS application must be submitted by 8:59 p.m. PT (11:59 p.m. ET)
    • See below for full deadline policy
  • End February 2024: All decisions (admit, wait list, deny) will be conveyed via email. 
  • Early March 2024: Visit events for admitted students occur on the UW campus in Seattle.
  • April 15, 2024: Reply deadline for initial round of offers.
  • Late September 2024: Autumn quarter starts

2022-2023 UW Academic Calendar Summary

Deadline Policy

The application deadline for autumn 2024 entry is January 19, 2024. The UW Graduate School Application deadline is at 11:59 p.m. PT and the SOPHAS application deadline is 8:59 p.m. PT (11:59 p.m. ET).

  • Master of Science applicants must submit a UW Graduate School Application.
  • Doctor of Philosophy applicants must submit a UW Graduate School Application.
  • Master of Public Health applicants must submit both a UW Graduate School Application and a SOPHAS application.

For guaranteed consideration, the application and all associated materials must be submitted by the deadline. The application portals will close at the times listed. Materials not directly submitted by the applicant (recommendations and official test scores) can arrive within one week of the application deadline.

Review and/or consideration of incomplete applications or late materials is at the discretion of the IPHG admissions committee. If application materials are missing due to circumstances beyond the applicant’s control, the committee will take that into consideration and make its judgment based on the information available.

Review Process

Applications for graduate study in Public Health Genetics are reviewed holistically and assessed by a faculty admissions committee. The committee considers each applicant’s academic record, academic skills, relevant professional work and/or volunteer experience, overcoming adversity or disadvantage in achieving educational goals, and motivation and fit with the Institute for Public Health Genetics.

Admission to the Institute’s graduate degrees is competitive.