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MPH in Public Health Genetics

The MPH degree program trains students in the fundamentals of public health genetics within the context of law, ethics, and policy. The degree requirements include course work in epidemiology, biostatistics, health services, environmental health, law, ethics, and sociocultural aspects of public health genetics; a practicum experience; and completion of a research-based Master’s thesis. The program is designed to be completed in approximately two years. 


MPH Common Core curriculum. Enroll in the program to take the MPH Common Core curriculum, available to all MPH students in the School of Public Health.

Faculty. Work with our core, interdisciplinary, and research faculty who are recognized as national and international experts in the areas of genetics, epidemiology, health policy, bioethics and humanities and public health genetics.

Top-ranked School of Public Health. The program’s location within an accredited School of Public Health lends a systems perspective to our curriculum and teaching philosophy and supports strong linkages with state and local public health agencies and programs.