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Prerequisite Coursework

The following introductory coursework and/or basic training is expected for applicants to the MPH, MS or PhD programs:

  • Genetics/Genomics
  • Biology
  • Basic Statistics/Biostatistics

View the Prerequisite Guidelines and Example Coursework.

Prerequisite Guidelines

Completing prerequisite coursework or training is critical to success in the program as it helps students establish a solid foundation and academic basis in order to complete the IPHG curriculum. The IPHG Admissions Committee will follow these general guidelines/parameters:

  • Prerequisites may be in-progress or projected at the time of application but should be completed prior to matriculation in Autumn quarter.
  • Applicants with incomplete prerequisite coursework at the time of application, will be reviewed on an individual basis and other merits of their application will be carefully considered.
  • Prerequisite courses must be completed at a regionally accredited institution for academic credit, and must be completed for a numeric grade, with the following exceptions:
    • AP/IB scores can be accepted if an institution has awarded college-level credit that appears on the official transcript.
    • Non-numeric passing grades earned during an emergency or Extenuating Circumstances quarter may also be accepted.
    • Narrative course evaluations can also be accepted if that is the standard mode of assessment at the school.
  • Applicants whose research, post-graduate, volunteer, professional experience or other training includes significant training in any, or all, suggested subjects, but is not reflected on an academic transcript, should include details of their training and experience on the CV/Resume and highlight relevant experience in their Program Personal Statement.


Questions about a prerequisite? Email with the course abbreviation and link to the school’s online catalog.

Example Coursework

Refer to this list as a guideline for identifying coursework and/or training that meets the prerequisite subjects for our programs. Examples of courses available at the University of Washington are provided as a reference. Comparable courses may be taken from other colleges or universities including community colleges.

Prerequisites for all IPHG Programs

PrerequisiteCourse ContentExample Courses
Genetics/GenomicsA general genetics course that covers the basics of genetic variation, how genes are passed between generations, and how genes become traits we observe.
BiologyA basic understanding of body organization, systems, and function
Statistics/BiostatisticsIntroductory course in probability and statistics at the undergraduate level

Questions about a prerequisite? Email with the course abbreviation and link to the school’s online catalog.