PHG 580
Course Description: 

This Seminar Series offers an opportunity TO ENGAGE with experts from a variety of disciplines, TO CONSIDER possible research or practicum opportunities, and TO PARTICIPATE in interdisciplinary discussion around issues central to public health genetics.  This is a required course for all PHG PhD, MPH, and Certificate students, and recommended but not required for MSGE students.  PHG 580 is open to any UW graduate student.  Attendance is required to receive credit.  Individual seminars are open to anyone in the health sciences community.  For more information, please contact

PHG 580 is a 1-credit course open to any UW graduate student. Attendance is required to receive credit. Individual seminars are open to anyone in the health sciences community.

Course Expectations

The success of this seminar is largely dependent on you.  Attendance at every seminar is expected and your participation is critical for the success of this interactive seminar series.  Speakers will be from a variety of disciplinary and backgrounds.  We expect that you will be respectful in your discussion and exchange. 

Course Objectives: 

The goals of the course are to provide the student with:

  • Broad exposure to PHG research or methodology through invited seminars
  • Opportunities to present research or journal club
  • A forum for PHG students (of all levels) to interact and support peer-learning

By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  1. Describe and discuss current issues in research and practice in public health genetics and related disciplines
  2. Engage interactively in discussion of selected research topics
Example Syllabus: 
Quarter(s) Offered: 
1 credit/quarter