PHG 512
Course Description: 

This core course offered by the Institute for Public Health Genetics provides an introduction to the ethical, legal, financial and social issues arising as genetic or genomic knowledge and technologies are developed and made available to individuals and populations. Students will learn to identify and anticipate potential ethical, legal, social, and policy concerns that arise with emerging technologies when applied in clinical or public health contexts. In this course, we will examine public health genetics issues from diverse disciplinary perspectives.

Course Objectives: 

Through active participation in reading, discussion, and activities, students will:

  1. Learn and apply different ethical, legal, financial, social, and policy frameworks to key issues in public health genetics.
  2. Explore, debate, and critique key issues in public health genetics.
  3. Critically analyze assigned readings exploring varied issues and express positions in discussion, a formal Power Point class presentation and writing.
Example Syllabus: 
Quarter(s) Offered: