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Viveka Raol

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Viveka Raol
Areas of Interest
Health Economics/Cost Effectiveness Strategies/Budget Impact Analysis

MPH Student, Public Health Genetics 
Viveka Raol is an MPH student with a diverse educational background, including a BS in Biochemistry & Zoology from St Xavier’s College (Mumbai), an MS from the University of Massachusetts, and an MBA from the University of Washington - Foster School of Business. Viveka began her career as a research scientist in hybridoma development, followed by her role as a Senior Associate Scientist at Amgen. Currently, she works as a Project Manager in Cellular Therapeutics at the Fred Hutch Cancer Center (FHCC), where she supports targeted immunotherapies for the treatment of hematological cancers.
Viveka is particularly interested in evaluating opportunity costs from traditional cancer treatments, such as stem cell transplants and associated therapies, and studying the economic evaluations and budget impact analysis of new therapies. She aims to contribute to the optimization of healthcare resources and the development of more effective and efficient treatments for patients.