You can also access the basic course catalog of PHG courses.

Course Title Offered Course Site Syllabus Credits Catalog Description
PHG 200 Public Health Genomics: Implications for the Modern World Autumn 3-5
PHG 301 Introduction to Genetic Epidemiology Winter PDF icon Winter 2013 3
PHG 302 Forensic Genetics Winter PDF icon Winter 2015 3
PHG 511 Genetic Epidemiology Spring Link, Link 3
PHG 512 Legal, Ethical, and Social Issues in Public Health Genetics Autumn PDF icon Winter 2015 3
PHG 513 Basic Concepts in Pharmacogenetics and Toxicogenomics Winter Link, Link PDF icon Winter 2015 3
PHG 518 Computer Applications in Genetic Epidemiology Link PDF icon Spring 2011 2-4
PHG 519 Statistical Methods in Genetic Epidemiology Autumn PDF icon Autumn 2010 3
PHG 521 Socio-Cultural Perspectives on Public Health Genetics Spring PDF icon Spring 2014 2
PHG 523 Genetics and the Law Spring PDF icon Autumn 2014 2
PHG 525 Public Commentary on Ethical Issues in Health Genetics PDF icon Spring 2012
PHG 536 Bioinformatics and Gene Sequence Analysis Spring Link PDF icon Spring 2013 3
PHG 537 Pharmacoeconomics, Genetics, and Healthcare PDF icon Autumn 2007
PHG 541 Qualitative Research Methods in Public Health PDF icon Autumn 2007
PHG 542 Genetic Discovery in Medicine and Public Health Winter PDF icon Winter 2015 3
PHG 543 Social & Behavioral Methods Research PDF icon Spring 2008
PHG 551 Human Genomics: Science, Ethics, and Society Autumn PDF icon Autumn 2014 4
PHG 580 Interactive Seminar in Public Health Genetics Autumn, Winter, Spring Link PDF icon Winter 2015 1 credit/quarter
PHG 581 Bioinformatics & Genetics Services PDF icon Winter 2008
PHG 591 PHG Journal Club PDF icon Winter 2011