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  • Center for Ecogenetics and Environmental Health, UW - The center studies the interaction between genetics, human health and the environment. Scientists at the center specifically study asthma, birth defects, cancer, Parkinson's Disease and other neurological disorders and adverse reactions to drugs and chemicals. This website also contains a link to research in ethical, legal and social issues conducted by the center.
  • Healthlinks Library, Health Sciences Library resource for UW Students. Includes links to many online journals and databases, toolkits for researchers and links to the other UW libraries.
  • Bioethics & Humanities Department, University of Washington. Contains links to faculty and research, bioethics resources and history of medicine resources.
  • School of Public Health, Learn about the School of Public Health at the University of Washington.
  • School of Law
  • School of Pharmacy
  • School of Nursing

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Other links

  • CDC-Office of Genomics and Disease Prevention, This site provides visitors with information about human genetic discoveries and how they can be used to improve health and prevent disease. Includes general information about genetics and public health, CDC programs and projects, training and educational opportunities, an events calendar and a page of other sites of interest.
  • CDC: Genomics and Health Impact Blog, A blog devoted to discussing best practices and questions about the role of genomics in disease prevention, health promotion and healthcare.
  • Institute for Society and Genetics, UCLA - This center is broadly interdisciplinary and seeks to understand the impact genetic information and its utilization will have on society as a whole.
  • The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, The Hutchinson Center was founded by Dr. William Hutchinson in honor of his brother, Fred, a former major league baseball player and manager, who died of lung cancer at age 45. The Hutchinson Center has become an institution of world-renowned depth and variety. More than 2,300 scientists and staff generate new knowledge valuable to understanding, treating and preventing cancer. In Hutchinson Center laboratories, scientists know that understanding life at the cellular level is key to understanding cancer. These researchers solve cellular mysteries such as how genes control cell division, development and specialization. Center laboratory scientists are providing the foundation for other promising treatments such as gene therapy.
  • Genetics and Public Policy Center, is an objective source of information and analysis on reproductive genetics for the public and policy makers. The Center is funded through a grant from the Pew Charitable Trusts and is housed in the Berman Bioethics Institute at Johns Hopkins University.
  • Genetics Education Center, University of Kansas Medical Center - For educators interested in human genetics and the human genome project. This page contains links to other website about the human genome project, genetic education projects, networking, and also has a large section focusing on genetic programs and resources.
  • HumGen, is a website that gives policy-makers and lay people alike access to a comprehensive international database on the legal, social and ethical aspects of human genetics. Maintained by the University of Montreal.
  • Jackson Labs, Bar Harbor: Courses, This website lists the courses and conferences available from the Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor, Maine. The Jackson Laboratory is one of 8 institutions designated by The National Cancer Institute as a Cancer Center to perform basic research on the genetic factors underlying cancer.

Online Journals, Publishers, and Bookstores

  • National Conference of State Legislatures' genetics technology project, Information about federal and state genetics legislation. Provides legislators and other policy-makers with objective, comprehensive, and scholarly information from a non-partisan source to facilitate the drafting of sound genetics-related legislation.
  • National Human Genome Research Institute, The NHGRI leads the Human Genome Project for the National Institutes of Health, conducts cutting edge research in its laboratories and supports genomic science worldwide. Includes specific sections devoted to research, health, policy and ethics.
  • Nature (Journal) -- Genome Gateway, The links on this website provide a series of starting points for those wishing to access more genome-related information.
  • Public Health Sciences Division at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, is home to the nation's oldest and largest program devoted to cancer-prevention research. Research in the PHS Division focuses on determining causes of cancer, helping to identify and assess effective screening and treatment methods, developing prevention strategies that reduce the risk of cancer, and developing research strategies to assist people to change behaviors toward healthier lifestyles. This prevention-oriented research also extends to other diseases, including HIV/AIDS, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and fractures.
  • Washington State Department of Health, works with its federal, state and local partners to help people in Washington stay healthier and safer. Their programs and services help prevent illness and injury, promote healthy places to live and work, provide education to help people make good health decisions and ensure WA state is prepared for emergencies.