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Undergraduate Courses

The IPHG is proud to offer three undergraduate courses. The courses are designed to develop an understanding of the framework applicable to genomics in public health and also to identify the broader implications of applying genomic knowledge in public health practice.

All three courses meet undergraduate General Education "Areas of Knowledge" course requirements for "Individuals & Society" and "The Natural World".

Two courses provide an introduction to the field of Public Health Genomics and fundamental concepts in Genetic Epidemiology, and have no pre-requisites:

The third course, PHG 302 Forensic Genetics , is offered Spring quarter and introduces the field of forensic genetics through discussion of genetic and statistical issues emerging since the introduction of DNA profiling. Students develop the skills to interpret the evidence of matching genetic profiles, to perform calculations relevant for parentage determination and the identification of remains, and to consider the implications of familial searching of DNA databases.