1. Progress Forms are due by the end of EACH autumn quarter.

    This form, signed by your MPH Advisor is a review of your progress for the academic year. Students are responsible for registering and completing the required coursework. Students should keep a copy of this form for their records and periodically check it to make sure they are progressing through the academic year as mapped out by the form.

  2. At the end of the first year, contact the IPHG program staff and request a 'file review'. The review will inform you on what prerequisite courses you are yet to take and help you identify the courses you need to take the second year. Repeat this process the quarter before you intend to graduate to ensure you have completed all yor coursework and are ready to graduate.

  3. Practicum
    • The Practicum is a 3 credit, minimum 120 hour practical fieldwork in a public health practice setting. To sign up for practicum credits, contact the IPHG with details on which quarter you wish to take those credits.
    • Before you start your practicum, you have to complete the practicum orientation (check calendar for dates), complete practicum prerequisites, and the associated prerequisites form.
    • ​As you get started on the practicum, make sure to fill out the MPH Practicum Learning Contract signed by the Site Supervisor at the site of practicum and the practicum Faculty Advisor.
    • About halfway in to your practicum, complete the Mid-Point Review Form signed by the Site Supervisor.
    • The practicum is completed upon completion of the following: written assignment, PowerPoint Poster, Site Supervisor Evaluation Form, and completion of the Practicum Finals Checklist.

  4. Thesis

    The Thesis requires enrolling for 9 credits which may be distributed over more than one quarter. To sign up for Thesis credits, contact the IPHG Curriculum Coordinator with details on which quarter(s) you wish to take those credits.

  5. Application for presenting MPH Thesis topic.

    Check with IPHG offices on possible presentation dates and ensure that your Committee Chair can attend the presentation. You need atleast two faculty members on your committee. Your Committee Chair has to be chosen from the faculty, but since the IPHG is a very diverse program, your other committee member(s) can be any faculty member(s) at UW or in an affiliated organization who is is an expert in your chosen Thesis subject area. The form requires the signature of your committee chair, but not the other committee members.

  6. Presenting the MPH Thesis Topic

    This is done on the date as indicated by the application form above. It is a PowerPoint presentation (no more than 5 slides and 10 minutes overall), and should include your Thesis topic, Methods, Committee Members and Timeline.

  7. File an Intent to Graduate Form

    You can fill this form on the first day of the quarter you intend to graduate in. This form sets up a pipeline between the Graduate School and IPHG to initiate the process for the 'Warrant for Graduation Form'.

  8. Warrant for Graduation Form

    This form is authorized by the Graduate School once the Intent to Graduate Form is signed. The IPHG will print this form for you, and it needs to be signed by all members of your committee and handed back before the end of the quarter you propose to graduate in.

  9. Thesis Committee Approval Form

    This form signed by your entire Committee and submitted before the last day of the quarter you intend to graduate in. This form accepts only handwritten signatures as valid approval of the thesis (digital and verbal approvals are not valid, so make sure you get the signatures keeping in mind that most faculty are involved in research that requires travel).

  10. Submitting your Thesis

    Graduate School has extensive instructions on the format and submission requirements for the thesis and the final submission of your Electronic Thesis or Dissertation (ETD).

  11. If you do not complete the degree requirements (including submission of your thesis), you must enroll for at least two credits the next quarter and re-apply for your warrant. Contact the IPHG Graduate Program Advisor regarding your intention so that the your request to graduate can be withdrawn from the Graduate School online list.

    If all you need is only a couple of extra weeks to finish your thesis and submit it, you may apply for the Graduate Registration Waiver Fee instead of registering for 2 credits.

  12. The School of Public Health and UW send out email information on signing up for graduation day that will require you to fill out additional forms as needed.