Frequently Asked Questions


Application process

Submission of application materials

Please submit all of your application materials online using the  UW Graduate School's apply now page. The online application system will allow you to save your progress and complete the application over multiple sessions if needed. Please disregard any instructions to mail documents to the graduate program during your online application.


Applicants to the MPH in Public Health Genetics and the MS in Genetic Epidemiology should have, or be in the process of obtaining a bachelor’s degree or higher. Due to the interdisciplinarity of our programs, we accept applicants from diverse backgrounds such as Genetics/Genomics, Biology, Policy, Medicine, Law, Epidemiology, amongst others.


Applicants to the PhD in Public Health Genetics are encouraged to have a previous master's degree or higher. However, candidates without a previous master's degree or higher might be accepted to the PhD track on a case by case basis.

Pursuing Concurrent Degrees

If you are a UW graduate student interested in pursuing a second or concurrent degree, you are advised to consult with your current degree program to determine the feasibility, division and sharing of credits, and timeline for pursuing a concurrent degree. Please see the UW Graduate School’s policy on concurrent degree. 

Applying course credits from other universities

Please visit the UW's Graduate School policy section on credit transfer for master's and PhD students. When determining whether a course at another institution is equivalent to a UW course, we recommend that you also check that the prerequisite for that course is equivalent to the prerequisite of the course offered at UW  (e.g. A Probability course should have a calculus prerequisite).

Other materials

Materials that are not requested through the application website are not accepted. These materials include previous certificates, publications, or other similar documents. You might wish to mention them in your CV and/or personal statement, but should not be uploaded with your application. Please note that the application system has a maximum capacity for your required documents. Please also note that we do not require any paper copy of your required materials. 


All of our applicants are evaluated holistically by our admissions committee, this includes all application materials such as: GRE results, GPA, letters of recommendations, and the motivation statement.


Recently Admitted

Deadline to accept offers

Traditionally, unless otherwise specified or arranged, offers should be accepted by April 15th of that same year.

Accepting an offer

Please log back into your profile and indicate your decision. At this point you will also need to pay your deposit. 

Once the offer has been accepted, you will see information about next steps,  how to submit your official transcripts to the Graduate School, and immunization records.

Next steps after accepting an offer

After you have accepted your offer, the graduate program will contact all the incoming students mid May with next steps and information about future comunications. 


Financial Resources

If you are interested in applying to TA/RAs or regular employment at the UW, please visit the UW Hires page. This page contains all open positions across UW campuses. To apply for any positon you will be required to create a profile.

The Graduate School maintains a list of fellowships, and funding opportunities for current and incoming students. Please visit their page here.

The School of Public Health offers student scholarships and funding for current and incoming students. The information can be found at their page here