The Concurrent JD/MPH degree program offers students the opportunity to combine in-depth professional educational training in the two professions so that they will be prepared to work in both venues. Graduates with the joint degree will not be limited to the traditional career opportunities of legal work in a law firm, but will also have the ability to move more directly into government, national and international public agency and public interest organizations focusing on public health and health care issues, services and resources. Similarly, graduates will possess legal skills that they can bring to public health departments and other public health professional positions.

Program Requirements

It is anticipated that students admitted to the concurrent degree program will be able to complete the requirements for both degrees in four academic years. This includes the 135 quarter credit hours required for law school graduation and the 63 quarter credit hours required for the MPH in Public Health Genetics. The concurrent degree time frame is compressed, allowing the student to realize efficiencies through cross-listed courses and careful prescribed scheduling of required and elective courses. The student may have to commit one summer to either the MPH practicum, Law public interest externship, or the writing requirements.

For information about Concurrent JD/MPH required classes visit the School of Law website at https://www.law.uw.edu/academics/programs/science-global-health.