PHG 543
Course Description: 

This course provides an overview of social and behavioral research and theory used in the study of public health genetics. Examples are from a range of disciplines, using a variety of methodologies. Prerequisites: graduate standing in Public Health Genetics, Health Services, or permission of instructor.

Course Objectives: 

By the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the conceptual underpinnings, assumptions, research strategies, and methods for health behavior research
  • Distinguish among and recognize the value of diverse research traditions and the benefits of mixed methods used to study behavioral and social aspects of health in terms of guiding principles, research strategies, methods, and expected outcomes.
  • Describe the components of a research proposal used in the health sciences
  • Explain and apply the principles of qualitative research, survey research, and intervention research.
  • Identify ethical and moral issues in the conduct of studies related to public health
  • Design a research project to examine an issue of relevance to the broad field of public health
Example Syllabus: